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A Child’s Mindset.

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Let’s tap back into when we were children again. No matter what we went through as children we were able to forgive more easily then. Due to the fact of us just wanting to be loved. We were more magical too. Because we knew how to use our imagination. With our imagination we are able to use our third eye which is our first eye we are born with. That alone taps us back in connection with the Universe, Christ, and spiritual realm. Back in the days a lot of children had imaginary friends. Well at least to others they were imaginary. But really they were able to tap into the spiritual realm and see spirits and talk to them. But as we grew most of our family told us that it was not real. So that closed a lot of us off from our gifts. It’s time for truth be told that we all carry special gifts.

But we must tap back into a child like state to remember our gifts again. So lets do it.😇😇

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