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1 Black Tourmaline Crystal

1 Black Tourmaline Crystal

You get 1 Black Tourmaline CrystalIts excellent protection against EMFs and radiation. Place near your computer, around the house, and in your car for optimal protection against negative energy of all kinds.We mindfully hand-sort our Black Tourmaline crystals so the stones you receive will be the very best for crystal healing practices. Since all the stones are natural, there will be a variety of shapes and sizes(the photos are good examples of the stones but will not be exact). Please note: Black tourmaline may need to be rinsed as it is sometimes dusty.Uses for Black Tourmaline:Protects against negative energy (Carry a piece in your pocket)Enhances good energy (Place on your altar)Deflects EMFs and radiation (Keep a few pieces near your computer)Adds beauty to surroundings (Include in home décor).
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