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A very versatile herb. A psychic/Lunar herb that's also strongly protective."...known to many as a herb of magic, mugwort allows some of us to live in several worlds at once, expanding and nourishing the habit of drawing our gaze before us to that which is visible, and behind us to that which is invisible. Many believe regular use of mugwort in tea or extract strengthens our ability to absorb intuitive information as we preserve an aspect of sharpness in our interaction with the complex, topside world."​- Judith Berger, Herbal RitualsMany say it really does bring your dreams to life! I find body oiling with infused mugwort oil is gentler than sleeping with a bunch of it in my bed, because whilst vivid, with body oiling my dreams don't become sagas that could fill pages and pages the next morning like they do when mugwort is right there under my head!
SIZE 2 inch x 3 inch baggie: Mugwort
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