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Angelic Spiritual Cleansing Bath Herbs AGAINST ALL EVIL 1oz

Angelic Spiritual Cleansing Bath Herbs AGAINST ALL EVIL 1oz

You get 1 pack  size 1 oz 

Angelic Spiritual Cleansing Bath Herb is Against All Evil sent your way  to protect yourself from harm, hexes, envy bad luck and negative vibrations. The method of preparation is to boil herbs in a pot of water to create a "Bath Tea”. Strain the herbs from the water, let cool and add the resulting liquid to your bath. Soak in the bath at least 8 minutes, meditating on your desires. 

 Disclaimer: everything is at your own risk. Keep away from children and pets.  T. Hudson The Angelic One LLC will not be responsible for your actions.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only. A skin test is recommended prior to use.

Note: No Medical claims are made for the products in treating any particulars physical or emotional symptom. These are sold for health-enhancement purposes only. 

Nota: No se hacen reclamos médicos por los productos en el tratamiento de ningún síntoma físico o emocional particular. Estos se venden solo con fines de mejora de la salud. Sold as curio only! For external use only. Sólo para uso externo
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