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The Holy Spirit The Divine Light In The Dead Sea Scrolls😃

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The Holy Spirit The Divine Light in the Dead Sea Scrolls🤓

Thou hast shaped that clay on the Wheel and passed it through Thy test, that it may find its way into Thy lot; and when cracks appear in it, Thou mendest them.

Yea, over mere dust hast Thou wafted Thy Holy Spirit, and hast so molded that clay that it can have converse with angels and be in communion with Beings Celestial.

From the Fount of His Knowledge has my Light shot forth; upon His wonders has my Eye gazed.

Mere flesh hast Thou lit with a Light everlasting, that there be no reversion to darkness, and a Light hast Thou revealed that it never can be turned back.

Your Holy Spirit illuminates the dark places of the heart of your servant, with Light like the sun. I look to the covenants made by men, worthless. Only your Truth shines, and those who love it are wise and walk in the Glow of Your Light. From darkness You raise hearts. Let Light shine on your servant. Your Light is everlasting.

You set your Word in this ear of dust and write truths on my heart. You end my wandering to bring me into concordance with You that I may stand, unshaken, before You in the Glow of Perfect Light forever, where no darkness is forever, where unsearchable peace is forever. For me, a creature of dust.

(From the Essene Psalm-Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls, “The Dead Sea Scriptures,” Anchor Books)

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